The expression/term “sound barrier” was created approximately 75 years ago based on the fact that when approaching the speed of sound, an aircraft would react in unanticipated ways. When this phenomenon was studied more in depth, it was discovered that there actually is no fixed barrier, and in reality the transition can be rather smooth… provided that the aircraft (our bodies for the purposes of this program) and its pilot (our mind) are prepared for it.

The Breaking Your Mental Sound Barrier © program is comprised of 7 fundamental elements that affect every single person, either positively or negatively, based on their understanding of these elements. It has been designed to educate any individual or team on some of the more prevalent psychological barriers, as well as the strategies to raise their level of conscious awareness in order to recognize and overcome the mental blocks that inhibit performance. Through a unique combination of introspection and formal education & real-world experience in both the military and corporate environments, the sessions are delivered with competency, passion, purpose, and relevancy! The program is founded on tried, tested, and proven material along with numerous, relatable life lessons from the “school of hard knocks”

You will LEARN:
Become aware and understand the 7 High Value Targets of:

  • Define objectives built on conviction
  • Take ownership & personal responsibility
  • Make strategic decisions
  • Control your emotions
  • Be resilient (then resurgent)
  • Build confidence & eliminate fear
  • Become mentally tough

You will ACHIEVE:

  • The main objective of this program is to help each person clearly identify his or her own psychological barriers that cause and create internal struggle, inhibit progress towards ultimate success, and hold them back from being who they are truly meant to be. Once the specific barriers have been identified, participants can then begin to shift paradigms, modify behaviour by creating new & improved habits, and funnel that into powerful action and impactful results.

Instructor: Dr. Mike Smith


TIME: 9:00am – 10:00am (Mountain)
START DATE: September 15th, 2020

Via VideoConference
Weekly for 8 sessions


$602.00 Total ($75.25/session)


$158.00 Total for Sessions 1 & 2

(Remaining 6 Sessions $474 Total)

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