You know how you have great ideas for your business, and then you talk your away out of them? Do you sometimes think of some service you could offer your clients that would be really valuable, but then you don’t know how to price it or even talk to them about it? Do you wish someone had shown you the business-y things, or how to sell without feeling awkward or pushy? Just be yourself in business, you know? That’s what we’re going to do together. And, because of the big messy world situation, we’re going to move quickly.

I’ve found that women business owners love helping their clients succeed, but they really dislike marketing and selling if it feels inauthentic. My unique niche is to help women running a service business from home to find their authentic marketing and sales voice. Doing this will double your sales confidence. Lack of confidence leads to: not enough discovery calls, underpricing, and taking on the wrong kinds of clients.

In this Accelerator Group, you will quickly build confidence in yourself as a business owner.

You will LEARN:

  • How to hold a sales conversation without feeling icky about it
  • Get super clear about what you should offer your clients and how to see the value through their eyes
  • How to remove at least half of the awkwardness you fee l about writing about your business
  • Simple steps to take when you’re feeling drained or overwhelmed in your business

You will ACHIEVE:

  • How to tap into your existing strengths without having to step out of your comfort zone or force yourself to redefine who you are
  • How to stop yourself from directing your nervous energy in on yourself
  • Clarity and confidence about your strengths and why they are valuable for the right kind of clients
  • How to embrace your full value and worth and not be overwhelmed by external factors or internal negativity

Instructor: Anthony English

Day and times will be scheduled with the customer after purchase.


Course Cost: $2929 CDN

Via VideoConference

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