Lead Myself: Understanding Motivation

Total SDI: Motivations, conflict, strengths and overdone strengths

Leadership depends on ones ability to effectively influence people. This unique tool, with techniques, provides insights and solutions for navigating relationships effectively. By developing a deeper understanding of what matters to people and how that influences their interactions, communications and decisions you will be equipped to more effectively navigate relationships professionally. Total SDI assessment provides a powerful combination for taking a system’s view of people and organizations through understand people’s motivations, conflict, strengths and overdone strengths.

You will LEARN:

  • Relationship awareness: improve ability to connect, influence and collaborate with others
  • Identify strengths: lead others thought their strengths and yours
  • Identify weaknesses (when strengths are overdone): use the knowledge to navigate conflict and manage strengths more effectively
  • Identify strength-based language: identify strength language with ability to ask coaching questions to influence
  • Identify overdone strengths language: to leverage understanding and conflict and avoid destructive conflict
  • Use coaching skills: ask powerful question to get to the heart of issues to powerfully connect, influence and collaborate

​You will ACHIEVE:

  • Participants will understand their strengths and more effectively deploy them
  • Participants will understand their motivational value system and others, what triggers conflict and how to deal more effectively with conflict
  • Participants will understand how values influence and judgement of self and others
  • Participants will be able to connect a coach approach with relationship awareness

Instructor: Ed Temple

Day and times will be scheduled with the customer after purchase.


Course Cost: $3,200 CDN

Via VideoConference

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