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Peer-to-peer learning  +  expert training  +  professional coaching

essential Leadership skills training small groups for pastors

Do you need to take your church leadership to the next level?  In this demanding and difficult time, strong organizational leadership is more necessary than ever!  That’s why LevellingUp is launching “mastermind” small group cohorts specifically for pastors – designed to help you move from SURVIVING TO THRIVING!


LevellingUp’s Mastermind model of learning takes the best of “community of practice” learning, but combines it with expert training and professional coaching.  We hand-craft cohorts of pastors ACROSS CITIES & DENOMINATIONS who face similar challenges in leadership in order to learn from each other.  We will also to bring in relevant experts from the worlds of church, business, and more, with the whole process being guided by a professional coach ensuring an exceptional experience for all. 

Mike deBoer – CEO, Founder & Christ-Follower

Cross-Denominational Collaboration!


The church must transform its oPErations to meet the needs of a post-covid culture



LevellingUp will expertly match you with a peer group that's just right for you. We want to ensure you have the most positive & impactful experience, with fast, measurable growth.

6 to 8 peers who align with you in career & life stage, facing similar challenges and opportunities.

Led by a Navigator, who is an expert educator & coach and ensures your training needs are met.

Choose your Sages for focused leadership training, to bring your skills to the next level.

Leading your church into a changed world demands new ways of thinking, stronger leadership skills & collaboration with other pastors like you. Join a high-trust Mastermind+ Group and experience the game-changing benefit of peer-to-peer learning AND the motivating, positive pressure of expert-led  training from an executive business & leadership coach.

This isn’t a challenge you should face alone. “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.” 1 Thess 5: 11


LEAD CHANGE with confidence & hope in a changed world

Business STRATEGY & BUDGET management training

MANAGE staff & volunteers to max effectiveness

MARKET to & reach an online culture

Emotional intelligence, SELF AWARENESS & empathy


CUSTOMER  Testimonial

Meet Katelyn!

A Mastermind+ Customer & Raving Fan

I experienced an amazing synergy between like minded individuals … people who are wanting to grow! The experience was just absolutely amazing, to be able to connect with these people get their ideas and be raw & open and really just expand what I thought I already knew.

Katelyn (Business Leader & Entrepreneur)

All members are screened to ensure the best fit. Same career & life stage. Non-competitive industries.

Navigators & Sages global quality & certified.

Group members commit to vulnerability, confidentiality & personal growth.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the PLUS?

The PLUS in the LevellingUp Mastermind+ model is 2-fold! Not only is every Mastermind+ Group facilitated by a LevellingUp Navigator, who attends every meeting, the group also has access to LevellingUp’s community of certified experts. You and your group choose the expert, who then spend 3-6 months with your group, training you in essential skills, and providing feedback on your between-session practical homework. Pick a new expert every 3-6 months! AND, you’ll never be without your Navigator, who ensures everyone participates in discussions, and that your group’s unique training trajectory is met.

Most of the mastermind groups currently available on the market offer only peer mentoring. Some enhance their offering by adding professional facilitation. But with no expert in the room, these formats create a blind-leading-the-blind situation.

What is the time commitment?

Your Group meets once each month for 2 hours over videoconference.

In between Mastermind+ meetings you will connect with your group through a confidential discussion board. Recordings of each videoconference session are also posted here.

How does LevellingUp vet Navigators and Sages?

All Navigators and Sages have a proven track record of equipping others in their relevant subject area. The vast majority are certified coaches. All LevellingUp Navigators and Sages have been referred into the community through other trusted coaches. Most importantly, we constantly solicit feedback from you, our customer, on their effectiveness. Only those that meet YOUR high standards remain available.

What will being part of a Mastermind+ Group feel like?

Because our matchmaking process ensures each Mastermind+ Group is comprised of highly-aligned peers, each group will have a unique culture, values, and learning trajectory.

After spending several sessions getting to know your peer group, you’ll discover a safe environment with friends who have very similar goals and challenges as you. We want you to feel comfortable disclosing your greatest challenges, your biggest fears, and your loftiest goals. The trust-building process can take time, so we ask everyone to commit to 6 months with their group.

If you’ve never worked with a professional coach before, we expect you’ll find working with a LevellingUp Sage to be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life/career/business. But – mastery of essential leadership and business skills is not always an easy process, and you can expect to be stretched as you learn skills that are far beyond what any book or video will ever teach you.

We require all participants to commit to non-disclosure and non-solicitation. We also expect members to share their personal experience, best-practices, strategy, opportunities, referrals, connections, and more. Because the more each group member contributes to the whole, the better off your entire Mastermind+ Group will be.

How do you assemble the group?

We undertake a rigorous matchmaking process to ensure each Mastermind+ Group is comprised of individuals who complement each other extremely well. This proprietary process uses matching algorithms based in the neuroscience of trust and the psychology of high-functioning teams.

You can be sure that your group will be comprised of individuals facing similar challenges, having similar values, and pursuing similar goals. And that participants will not be in competitive businesses, roles, organizations, or geographies. 

The LevellingUp Navigator has a background that aligns with the group. This ensures the Navigator understands the skills and needs of participants personally.

Can I meet my group members before we start?

Your first scheduled Mastermind+ session will be the first opportunity for a new group’s participants to meet. Due to the logistics of assembling and the matchmaking process we use, we cannot provide informal meet-and-greet session at this time. If you find you don’t mesh well with others in your group, we are happy to provide a 90-day full money back guarantee.


If we are adding you to a group already in operation, before being formally added to the group you will have a meet-and-greet with group members to ensure the perfect fit.

What is LevellingUp?

Many of us feel “abandoned” or alone in our leadership roles, and we’re looking for people to join us on our journey.

By combining interactive coaching and collaborative community, LevellingUp offers a unique, powerful and affordable opportunity for growing professionals like you to secure success and experience joy.


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