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[sēkr] noun

A person in pursuit of insight, accountability and measurable growth.



[seyj] noun

A trusted battle tested expert or coach with a desire to help others succeed.

Respected for the possession of wisdom, judgement, and experience.

What’s an Accelerator Group?

LIVE  |  small group coaching  |  ONLINE



NEVER prerecorded. 

Coaching sessions are always live, interactive, and face-to-face.

small group

NEVER more than eight participants meeting with one sage. 

Group cost sharing reduces the Sages’ fees by 80%!

EXPERT coaches

 All sages are certified coaches or experts in their field.

They focus on Leadership Soft Skills Development.


 Every sessions is one-hour, live, via videoconference.

Eliminate the need for travel. Meet with your Accelerator Group from the comfort of your couch, office, campsite, beach chair or tree house.


Receive a certificate of completion.

Bolster your resumé! Certificates can be used towards Professional Development Units/Credits

How it works


Self-Identify Your Skills Needs

What areas do you want to grow as a leader?

Is there a particular skill you’d like to master? Ex. Conflict management, negotiation, emotional intelligence…


Browse the Accelerator Groups

See what groups are available on the Accelerator Groups page, learn about the Sage, when the group kicks-off, and what skill or topic the focus will be on.

Groups are organized by three categories; Lead Yourself, Lead Others, Lead A Business. You will see an icon at the top of each Accelerator Group page indicating which category it’s in.


Pick Your Group

Click through to the Accelerator Group of your choice and read more about the Sage and the details of what you will Learn and Achieve.

Click the blue Add To Cart button for all sessions.

Click the red Try It Out button for sessions 1 & 2. If you like the group, you can add the rest of the sessions.

Don’t worry, we will fill your group, all you have to do is register.


LevelUp Your Skills!

We will provide everything you need to get started.

Click the video conference link we provide, on the day and time of your first session.

Don’t worry, if you have to miss a session, you can watch it later. All session are recorded and available to you and your group only.

Chat with your group throughout the week on the private messenger app.

Receive your Certificate of Completion! (May be used to claim Professional Development Units/Credits)

Earn Your

Certificate of Completion

at the end of every Accelerator Group

Certificates can be used to claim professional development units/credits. Check with your association.

Use your LevellingUp Certificate(s) to bolster your resumé.

Keep your boss informed of your skills development & commitment to your personal leadership growth.

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